Are you looking to have more energy?

Do you want to increase your fitness level?

Need to jump start your exercise habit?

Want to meet new fabulous other grrrls?
Then you have found the right spot! Northern Grrrls is dedicated to helping women in the Chequamegon Bay look and feel great through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are invited to be the best they can be. We promote an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and community that allows grrrls to reach and surpass their goals while having fun!

• We believe fitness brings much more than a smaller waist line and skinny jeans. It improves and changes lives through increased energy, higher self esteem, elevated mood, better sleep and overall wellness.
• We believe grrrls that take care of their bodies and minds through exercise not only improve their personal selves but also become better mothers, partners and friends.
• Fitness empowers!

• Boot Camp
• Iron Girl Duathlon Training
• Half-Marathon Training
• Small Group Runs & Cycling


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