Boot Camp: Ball Sprint!

I have found that adding games and group activities into Boot Camp makes it a more enjoyable workout! The latest game is adapted from a number of examples I came across on the web. All I needed was a cheap bag of balls and some imagination.

The game goes like this…First take the balls you have and divide them by color. Then randomly mark the ball of each color with one, two, or three dots and an X. You should then have a bunch of balls with various numbers of dots within each color group.

For this game you are going to want a green space about the size of a basketball court. Divide the group into two or four teams depending on how many participants are there that day. If you are using two teams place each team in opposite corners (marked with cones). If you have four teams place each team in a corner. Place about 40 balls (two teams) or 80 balls (fours teams) in the center of the “court” equidistant from each team. Be sure to make certain that corners are equidistant from center where balls are!

Each team lines up in a line behind a corner. One player at time sprints to the center to get a ball, returns to their corner, tags the next teammate and that player runs to retrieve another ball. Play continues until all balls are gone. The more balls you have to pick up, the more they run! Team with most wins.

And the game isn’t over YET! Each color ball has an exercise associated with it. (ie. red = burpees, orange = squat 180 jumps, yellow = pushups). The number of dots on the bottom of the ball will indicate how many reps they must do of each (1 dot =8, 2 dots= 10, 3 dots= 12). As a team, they line up all the balls and must complete the exercises together. (My groups usually choose to start with burpees to get them out of the way 🙂 ). Depending on how much time you have you can have the teams put the balls back into the center and start it all over again with new exercises.


(credit to Jess Griffin)

  • Make sure you don’t show exercise list before they get balls or nobody will pick the burpee ball.
  • If you repeat this game change the color exercises so they cannot cherry pick their favorites or avoid their least favorite.

Variation: Instead of sprinting to get balls you can make them shuffle, backwards jog, walking lunge, bear crawl, high knees, etc. I call out various moves as the game is going on and they have to switch instantly. So they might be lunging to center and then have to flip over and crabwalk for the rest of the way. How do they crabwalk and hold the ball? They manage! (and makes it more fun)! If its a rainy day it’s possible to make this work inside! Just shorten the relay and have the grab more balls!



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