Can’t Make it to Boot Camp? Take these workouts with you!

When you travel as much as I do, you need some go to exercises that can be done in hotel gyms or even in the hotel room itself. Many Northern Grrrls ask for workouts that can done while visiting in-laws or when they cannot make it to Boot Camp! Below are two workouts that can be done just about anywhere and will still provide you with a good burn!

On the Road Workout #1

Here is an example boot camp you can do just by bringing one set of dumbells or using the ones at hotel (if they have a fitness room). If you do not have dumbells, use water bottles or whatever you can find! Run thru the circuit 3 times. If you are doing it alone you won’t have anyone to “bump” you to next station so you could just do 20 reps of each!

#1: Mountain Climbers (this will be 20 reps and they control the timing)
#2: Bicep curls – use 10 lb dumbells
#3: Push up jacks or reg push ups
#4: Bicycles
#5: Tricep kick backs (use one 8 lb dumbell)
#6: Squats
#7: Crunches
#8: Burpees
#9: Jumping Jacks
#10: Tuck Jumps

On the Road Workout #2

you can do this 3 times and do at least 20-30 of each

Circuit One:

Wide Grip Push Ups: (or up/down planks since I know that you LOVE THEM!) This is a classic push up that is harder than the standard push up because you have less leverage to push yourself up, but it’s a darn good variation. Try starting out with the wide grip push up, then bringing your hands closer in as
you go along. In addition, be sure to keep your hands below the plane of your shoulders, and make sure your elbows to not flare out too much. This will help keep the stimulation on your chest, shoulders, and triceps, as opposed to mostly your shoulders.

180 Squats: (or regular squats will work!!) Each full rotation equals one. So each time you land looking back where you started that is ONE

Tuck Jumps!

Circuit Two:

Shoulder Press

Mountain Climbers * reminder not to hang head… It should stay in line with spine
Side plank raises

Circuit Three:

Tricep Dips
Push up jacks (or reg push ups) *everyone needs to start working on regular push ups vs. girl push ups


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