Never Too Old

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

― Zig Ziglar

I recently spent some time with my mother in Cabo San Lucas on a seven day vacation.  Also along for the ride were my aunt and sister – both age 50+.

I endured constant good natured ribbing from these ladies beginning at 2:30am in the car enroute to the airport (laughing at my choice to drink coconut water to  stay hydrated) and throughout the trip as I made sure to rise before the sun to get in a 5 mile run and trip to the gym.  However by vacation day #4 the ladies were beginning to mention joining me at the gym…

So there I found myself s on vacation day #5… in the gym with my mother and

Momma never missed a morning of water aerobics…

aunt showing them some simple arm exercises that they could do at home to eliminate their “chicken wings”.  Now to be fair my aunt walks 3 miles each day and my mother is a water aerobic devotee, but neither of them are into weight training.  As they watched me rip out 40 push-ups they both stated “I could NEVER do that!” and my response was “That’s what the boot camp girls say all the time and then before you know it- they are moving on from their girl push ups and onto regular push-ups.”  It was at this point that both these ladies attempted a push-up and for their sake i’ll not remark on the outcome. .. but they both promised to keep working on their weight training and workouts.

My point is this… you are never ever too old to start!  There is absolutely no reason to not begin to add strength training and other workouts into your daily routine.  In the case of my mother- she is retired and could easily do some arm workouts while watching the Today Show every morning!  Just start integrating in small changes each day to improve your overall fitness level!


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