Jump Around Paired Workout

Required equipment: jump ropes!

Split participants up into pairs. For this boot camp one member of each pair will be jump-roping until their partner completes the number of reps after each exercise in parentheses! When the partner completes the required number of reps for each exercise then the pair switches! If its nice where you live you should do this outside, but this can be done inside too!

Whether you call it Skipping, Rope Skipping, Jump Roping or Rope Jumping…it is a great activity to help fight Heart Disease, Obesity, Type II Diabetes, and Osteoporosis while improving strength and fitness.

Round 1:
#1: Mountain Climbers (25)
#2: Fire hydrants (30 each side)
#3: Push up jacks or reg push ups (25)

Round 2:
#4: Bicycles (50 single count)
#5: Tricep dips (25)
#6: Squats (40)

Round 3:
#7: Crunches (50)
#8: Burpees (25)
#9: Jumping Jacks (50)

Round 4:
#10: Tuck Jumps (20)
#11: Diamond push ups (20)
#12: Side plank raises (30 / side)


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