Spinning = Toned Shapely Legs and Lots of Fun!

The benefits of spinning are many. Cardiovascular fitness is one of the most obvious bonuses to sweating it out for 60 minutes on the bike, but don’t forget the rockin’ leg workout that you will also receive! Spinning activates large muscle groups in your legs making them stronger and more shapely. Your calves, hamstrings, and quads will find themselves being called to duty in order to climb those hills, sprint, and jump during class. Other muscles such as the gluteus maximus and medius are activated when your push forward at the top of your pedal stroke. This is very good news for gals like myself who are always looking for a way tone (Read: drastically reduce) the size of my bum. 🙂

Obviously leg strength is crucial to success in so many activities and sports and the of benefits of strong legs include:
1. Better support for your whole body
2. Better balance
3. Reduced risk for lower leg and back pain

* If you have never attended a spin class please check out Spin Class: Give it a Whirl! Here’s What You Might Want to Know as a Newbie. It is nothing to worry about or be intimidated by! You will be addicted to the fun!

So what other muscles does a spin class work exactly?

Photo courtesy of yoga1gigi.blogspot.com

  • It burns an enormous amount of calories in a short time period. A 30-minutes spin workout can burn up to 500 calories. (Of course, it may vary according to a person’s weight and height)
  • Heart and lung health. Spinning involves interval training where your heart rate varies throughout the workout which helps increase your endurance and burn more calories. Also, you learn to control your breathing throughout the workout, therefore your lung capacity increases which can help with coping with stress and anxiety off the bike.
  • It builds muscle. Since your legs are constantly moving throughout the 30 -50 minute workout, it doesn’t take long to notice a difference in muscle tone in the lower half of your body.
  • Work more than just your lower body! Your abs, back, and upper body will also be called into action during a spin class. Read more on this here.
  • Want more reasons to get to a spinning class?Check out 10 Benefits of Spinning Exercises

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