Piloxing: Do You Love It?!


I am currently obsessed with Piloxing. If you haven’t yet heard about Piloxing (can that be possible?) it is a fun and intense core based workout that combines Pilates and boxing. The high intensity of the workout and moves have made this a favorite of celebrities like Hillary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens.

I would LOVE to bring these classes to my town and am planning to take their certification class. What I want to know is if YOU love Piloxing as much as I do? Do any of you all attend Piloxing classes at a local gym? Are they well attended?


2 thoughts on “Piloxing: Do You Love It?!

  1. Love Piloxing! Definitely go ahead and get certified – I did about a year and a half ago, and I debuted it at my gym last January to pretty good turnout. lt’s such a great mix of the two and a GREAT workout (hello abs and legs!!) The good thing is it’s spreading like wildfire, so there’s a demand for instructors 🙂

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