Tips for Trying Your First (or a New) Group Fitness Class

Great blog on why you shouldn’t be anxious about trying out a new fitness class!


January is here, and along with it comes the slew of new people to the gym. As a group fitness instructor, it’s great to have all the new faces come through the studio – hopefully many of which we’ll continue to see in the months to come!

It may seem intimidating to walk into that studio for the first time, but there is no need to be! Group fitness classes are about having fun and getting fit together – regardless of your age or athletic ability. My classes tend to be filled  with novices and old pros each and every week, regardless of the time of year.

So, how can you make the most of your first (or a new to you) group fitness class?

  • Show up early and talk to the instructor. This is key for any class, but especially one that involves any kind of equipment, such as…

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