Alcohol & Exercise?… We are in Wisconsin after all.


Enjoy the occasional spirit? Really look forward to a beer after a long day at the gym? It can be confusing to understand the fitness community’s stance on drinking when they now market a beer to runners and have created an entire line of alcohol that is “Skinny”.

The fitness industry’s anti-alcohol stance is due, in large part, to the (lack of) nutritional content contained in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol, the type of alcohol found in drinks, has toxic metabolic byproducts called acetaldehyde and acetate. Both by-products help create that queasy nauseous feeling you get when you’ve put a few too many back. Chronic ingestion of alcohol can also mess with your digestion, making it difficult for your body to absorb nutrients like amino acids, B vitamins, and impairs protein synthesis. One study also suggests that two to three beers per day can lower a man’s testosterone levels.

Alcohol consumption can also mess with a carefully planned out diet. Many alcoholic drinks are calorically very dense and packed with sugar. If you’re mixing your alcohol with things like energy drinks or juices from concentrate, or even having a few glasses of wine, you are giving yourself a sugary rush with each sip. Let’s also not forget that alcohol totally impairs your judgment. Those late night post-bar pizza runs can’t be too good for your summer beach body.

However, if users are able to practice some moderation with alcohol, a drink or two on occasion will not effectively poison your body and make you irreparably fat. There are some studies that suggest moderate alcohol consumption can provide health benefits. Much has been made of the heart healthy components of a glass of red wine, but did you know that moderate beer consumption can improve your immune response and can reduce harmful C-reactive proteins (linked to heart disease)? All in all, alcohol is harmful when overdone. It can mess with your digestive system, liver, and diet. But if done within moderation and with clear judgment, it can be beneficial, and of course a ton of fun. – Men’s Fitness Magazine, Zack Barangan, NCSF-CPT


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