Online Resources

  • — Free diet and weight loss journal.
  • Daily Burn — Track your workouts, diet and progress online.
  • – Great resource for workouts and recipes  among other things!
  • — Great health articles and info on upcoming events near you.
  • — Don’t be intimidated by the title, this site has lots of great info about nutrition and exercise for every goal and fitness level.
  • — Crossfit workout generator, not for the faint of heart.
  • TheSlenderStudent — A student who likes to think of  herself as the master of a balancing act – I would agree!
  • Run Like a Mother —  An inspiring blog for mothers, women, runners and aspiring athletes.
  • Priorfatgirl — Priorfatgirl is a group of women who have lost a significant amount of weight’s, chronicle of that journey and the journey to stay healthy.  A great read, along with a lot of like-minded followers.
  • Yum Yucky Josie is a beachbody coach and so much more.  She does taste tests of healthy foods (with kids and “health hater husband”), writes great articles on fitness and life and somehow melds hilarity and inspiration.

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