What is Available!?


I structure my services to your specific goals, body type and needs. If you’d like to start your plan, shoot me an e-mail and let’s get cranking! *Note we may be called Northern Grrrls, but I have both male and female clients and you men are absolutely just as welcome and important 🙂 ! Some of my offerings include:


Not just personal training — but also weekly motivation, recipes, baby-step goals and life coaching from someone understands the need for balance in life. My pricing works like many trainers where individual sessions can be purchased or a package of sessions with an hourly discount. I also offer buddy discounts if you want to train with a friend! I can arrange to work with you at home, on the track, at the gym, or wherever!


Distance training is one of my more popular programs. It allows individuals in the area as well as far away to get the benefit of workouts, nutrition goals and constant support. I can also develop workouts for you that you can view online and print and take with you to your workouts! Distance training is a great option but does require some self motivation. The more you communicate with me about how you’re doing, what you need and what you are struggling with the more support I can offer. I’m always ready to help and am prompt in my responses.


Seasonally I put together group classes that usually involve strength training and cardio for a total body overhaul (boot camps, spinning, kickboxing, stability ball, strength training,  Turbo Kick, and more). If you have your own group you would like me to teach I can also do small group personal training which reduces individual cost significantly. Hit me up and lets figure out what works for you! You can find the schedule here!


If you find yourself in the middle of planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party or other event- why not choose to make it a fun and healthy one? I can set up classes or workouts for your group based on your needs and what you think might be enjoyable. The sky is the limit with this one so e-mail me and let’s see what we can come up with!

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