“Mari is encouraging, motivating, and inspiring. Her daily motivation and encouragement pushes me to strive for a fit and healthy me. Her energy fills the entire room at boot camp and pumps us up to keep giving our all throughout the entire workout. Mari inspires me to exceed my goals and reach my full potential. She is the perfect example of what every trainer should be!” – A.M., Ashland

“I want to get up and go to boot camp and spin class. I have never liked working out before, but now I cant wait to go. Mari shows each and everyone of us how great we all are, and what we are capable of doing.” – K. P., Ashland

“…bootcamp has changed my life. I am stronger person both body and soul. Mari motivates, inspires, and brings everyone together as a team and works her hardest to help everyone achieve their personal goals.” – A. A., Ashland

“I am learning how to make lifetime changes to my health and fitness goals. Mari is always well informed and will stress the importance of not only exercise but also proper nutrition. The Northern Grrrrls bootcamp has had a huge impact on so many women in our community, for me personally Mari leaves me feeling like there is nothing I can’t achieve!” – J. O., Ashland

“I have been working out with Mari for about eight months now through Bootcamp, Running and Bike training and soon to be training for a triathlon! Mari is always a positive source of inspiration, reinforcement and a great source of health and fitness information! In this short time, I have seen positive changes in the shape of my body and I have improved times on my running and endurance. I look forward to my own continued successes, as well as others in our group!” – J. M., Ashland

“Mari started this awesome boot camp for “grrrls” in Ashland last spring, anyone that wanted to workout, run, get in shape, lose weight, it didn’t matter, came to try it out! We met two to three times a week and had a good hour of workout and grrrl time, and it has meant so much to me on a physical and emotional level, even I am shocked! She trained us and pushed us to do our best and many of us competed in running, biking and swimming events last summer, fall and winter! We are still at it almost a year later, some have come and some have gone, but it still is Mari that made it possible and continues to keep us motivated, eating right, and loving our new found energy and friendships…she is so much more than an instructor, she is my friend and I truly love how she has become such an important person in my life!” – T.T., Ashland

“After taking one spin class with Mari, my entire attitude and outlook on physical fitness was changed. I went from believing everything was beyond my ability, to believing no goal is beyond my reach. Her attitude and motivation filtered through to all aspects of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful!” – L.G., Ashland

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