Out of Your Seat Spin Playlist

This week's spin playlist designed to keep my class climbing!

This week’s spin playlist designed to keep my class climbing!


Tuesday Night’s Build Your Own Spin Playlist


Here is the Tuesday night playlist they created.

Last week I posted here about how much my regular Thursday night spin class enjoyed the opportunity to submit song titles for a “Build Your Own” spin playlist.  I was thrilled with the songs that they submitted and we had a great time in class!  This week it was Tuesday’s turn and this class was no exception as they  enjoyed hearing some of their favorite (and their classmates’ favorite) songs while getting their workout in.  I can tell you that there was some good-natured ribbing by classmates and the generational differences were evident in their song choices, but the class flew by!

The popularity of personalization can’t be ignored.  The rise of interest in products from NikeID, Shutterfly, and other markets has been exponential.  Personalization is breathing new life into many of  products, resulting in growth in new markets.  So if consumers want personalization- why not take that same concept into the gym and our fitness classes when we can?

Build Your Own Spinning Playlist Was A Hit!

This week I gave my spin classes  the opportunity to create their own playlist!  Each person in each of my classes submitted the songs they wanted and I told them I would make it work.  Last night was the first class that we used their customized playlist and it was a ton of fun!  I was pleasantly surprised by how well many of the songs worked for spin!  And while the playlist was a bit schizophrenic, jumping from 90’s pop to current metal hits, each spinner was visibly excited when their song popped up in the order!  Here is the playlist I was able to create from my Thursday night class.  I can’t wait to see how much fun we have on Tuesday when it is their turn!