AMRAP & Tabata Workout for Boot Campers!

AT HOME or BOOT CAMP: AMRAP and Tabata Workout

This is a great workout in less than an hour that can be done individually or in a group setting! Wondering what a tabata is?  Check out “What is Tabata Training.”

AMRAP (As Many Reps (or Rounds) As Possible): 15 MIN

20 of each:

Speed Skaters: Jump to your right, landing on your right foot and stretching your left arm across your body. Quickly transition to the other side, jumping to your left foot and crossing the right arm across the body. Consistently switch back and forth until finished with the reps.

Sumo Squats: squats with your feet wider than hip width and with toes pointing out—require a unique combination of hip flexibility and glute and inner-thigh strength. 

Plie Jacks: Start in a low plié squat. Hop up as high as you can and click your heels in together at the center. Land back in a plié squat. Repeat for reps.

Ski Jumps: Bend your knees slightly, reach your arms back and jump over your object. Land with both feet on the ground and stop for one second, stabilizing yourself. Repeat: Jump, land, stop, jump, land…

3 sets of the dreaded stairs!

Then on to the tabata!… 

TABATA: 16 rounds 20 sec/ 10 rest

weighted russian twists
plank ups

TABATA: 16 rounds 20 sec/ 10 rest

bicep curls
tricep dips
wide arm pushups
globe jumps


A Killer AMRAP/ Tabata Workout

This workout incorporates elements of a tabata workout and also an AMRAP workout (made popular by CrossFit).  You can get a pretty cool app for your iPhone or iPad for just a couple bucks!


Drill 1 – 10 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 180 squat jumps
  • 20 joey jumps (start in push up position and jump side to side)
  • 10 box jumps
  • 200m run

Drill 2 – Tabata 20:10 (8 rounds) 16 minutes total

Complete the following exercises twice each (requires medicine ball)

a) V-ups (lie on back, raise your legs and arms and move them towards each other, meet at midline)

b) Dead flies (Lie on back raise legs and arms, bring knees into chest and arms will go over your knees in shape of cannon ball then extend out into straight body position)

c) Russian weight (optional) twist

d) Plank

Drill 3 – Tabata 20:10 (8 rounds) 16 minutes total

Complete the following exercises twice each (requires medicine ball)

a) bicep curls

b) shoulder press

c) kick backs

d) Push ups

Cool Down

  • Slow jog 300m
  • Stairs (8 times)
  • Stretching